Campaigning Union

The improvements achieved in public schools and colleges across Global EMF are a direct result of Council's policy democratically developed by members.

The Global EMF is committed to building a strong public education system that not only benefits teachers, students and parents, but the whole community.

Free Membership for Students

Joining the Global EM Federation is free for students as long as you are not receiving any income from any educational institute.

Accreditation Process

Accreditation Status

Upon receiving license you will be part of the continuous evaluation process at GEMF

Register Online

Submit your details and register for international accreditation grant status

Candidacy Status

Acquire Candidacy status and enable your institue for full accreditation


Evaluation Process

As soon as your documents are verified, you will receive an accreditation license that will entitle you to certain benefits

Submit Documents

Submit documents to certify and validate your application details