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Global Educational Management Federation is a registered trade union and regional accreditation body which accredit and certify teachers, scholars, counselors, and educational institutions. Global EMF represents all teachers globally; including but not limited to pre-schools, infants, primary and secondary schools, universities, and institutes.

Accreditation Criteria


We make sure that the mission of the institution and standard of education is understood by the public at large.


It is ensured that the institution upholds and safeguards its integrity. The administration should make collaborative processes that help the institution fulfill its mission.


The institution should align resources that support and helps in students learning and promote effective teaching methods.


Students should be motivated to bring in creativity and play their role in bringing about an optimistic change in society.


The institution should smartly plang its educational policies so that it effectively responds to future challenges and opportunities.

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Training Sessions for Accreditation Evaluators

Our Evaluators will be updated about the latest guidelines to evaluate the global educational system.

Teachers Online Training

Teachers will be briefed about the standards upon which they will be evaluated.

Accreditation Managers Training Session

This seminar will be arranged to train accreditation managers and support staff.


Understanding the Requirements of Accreditation

Participants will be briefed about the standard of accreditation that are globally accepted.

Why Is Accreditation Important?

In this seminar, the importance of accreditation will be highlighted.

What is Accreditation?

This seminar will cover all the aspects, concepts, and procedures of accreditation.

Accreditation & Licensing

The main feature of accreditation and licensing is that they are used as an instrument of quality regulation. We provide accreditations services to educational institutions and licensing to teachers and counselors.

Global Educational Management Federation makes sure quality is never compromised. Before we accredit any of the requested bodies, we make sure the standards are thoroughly met and abide by.

We have a very transparent and easy-going accreditation process through which we accredit educational bodies around the globe.

Global Partnerships

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CILC is committed to offering the highest quality professional development for a variety of professions.

We provide our services to educational institutions, especially secondary schools, universities and lifelong learning institutes.

Global Education Training Quality Assurance(GETQA) is an organization that recognizes and distinguishes specific subject-based skillsets of language teachers.

Global Education Group’s mission is to effectively manage, design, implement and measure the healthcare impact of continuing education interventions that promote clinical competence and performance improvement.

EFMD is a global, non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to management development.

We are a professional organization of over 13,500 teachers employed in PreK‑12 schools across the province who are trusted and respected leaders and partners in education.

The New South Wales Teachers Federation is the registered trade union which covers NSW public school teachers.

The American Federation of Teachers, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, was founded in 1916 and today represents 1.7 million members in more than 3,000 local affiliates nationwide.